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“We’ve got data. Now what?”

Ever felt that way with audit reports? We hear a “Yes” if you’re among those who rely on paper checklists as call auditing reports, in which case you would notice that your call auditing endeavor frequently hits a dead end. On the other hand, if you’ve employed the likes of spreadsheets you might find yourself in an entirely different soup altogether (we’ll shortly explain why). A major setback with most Call Centers is the absence of a data strategy.

When you signed up for Call Auditing, you knew you were doing it to improve performance, make important decisions and more – but how exactly do you plan on achieving that mirage of a goal? In this article we’re going to elucidate precisely that – let’s get those KPIs in the picture. While Call Auditing reports provide granular data, its reliable metrics and intelligent KPIs that you’re eventually targeting.

Choosing The Right Call Auditing Tool

First things first – there are 3 things that radically influence a healthy beginning:

1. How is your audit report data stored?

2. How easily can you access it?

3. How fast?

VoizTrail is designed keeping in mind the above 3 imperative factors, which makes it the ideal companion for your Call Auditing initiative. VoizTrail stores your audit reports in a structured and clutter-free manner, and this data resides in your MySQL database for it to be directly utilized by your Business Intelligence team! All that you’ll probably have to do is run it through some ETL, create a data model for your specific BI purpose and voila!

Call Auditing Services Coming to how fast the audit reports are available to you – the answer is near real-time! That’s right, in line with the modus operandi that Call Auditing should be an open ended practice, we decided to make audit data available for reporting, as and when driven managers decide to make it happen.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck with paper checklists – it’s time you evolve and tap into the power of digital. Spreadsheets may seem a nice move but what about standardization? You will potentially be lost in a whirlpool of multiple copies, lack of versioning and loss of legacy data.

Spreadsheets are robust but they’ll hardly sustain processing millions of records. It is indispensable that you choose a tool which eliminates these obstacles and paves way for a dynamic start. Our recommendation – VoizTrail.

What Are Call Center Metrics?

With objective Audit Report data, you can work your way to stupefying forecasts and decisions. Start with establishing milestones. Set realistic standards and record observations against them. Metrics are of two types – ones that measure efficiency and others that measure effectiveness. Simply put, quantitative and qualitative respectively. Following are some metrics to help you jumpstart:

  • Average Call Handling Time
  • This metric corresponds to how much time an agent spends on a call. Talking in terms of VoizTrail; pick a time period and aggregate the “Call Duration” detail and divide it by the total number of agents – that’s the Average Call Handling Time. Crosstab this either geographically or using Call Center ID to get a better perspective on your costliest resource; your agents.

  • Audit Score
  • A very important metric which helps you in getting a bird’s eye view of prevailing call quality standards. VoizTrail features an “Audit Score” measured in percent and derived from the very checklists that you used while auditing calls. A higher percentage would mean better call quality. You can view this metric by agent or by group. You can use modified versions of this metric (e.g. Average Audit Score) in your reports and crosstab it geographically for better insights.

  • Agent Call Etiquette
  • This isn’t a numeric metric but nevertheless a critical one. VoizTrail allows you to use a handy checklist while auditing calls which includes pointers about the call quality such as:

    a. Time Zone mismatch
    b. Whether an agent establishes rapport with customer
    c. Uses proper self and consumer identification
    d. Efficiently accesses and utilizes resources

    Call Auditing Services There are many more available and you can easily add other industry specific compliance rules and parameters. How to convert this into a measurable metric? Use the "Count" function to see every agent's frequent in-call habits. When this metric is put up in a ranked column (let’s assume Top 5) and pulled in a crosstab against Agent ID – you get an awesome insight into the Top 5 in-call etiquettes of your agents. You can add an on-the-fly filter to view Top 5 Compliant/Non-Compliant habits per agent. Try replacing Agent ID with Cell Center ID for some great metrics at your disposal – what more could you want than to pin-point call center practices that negatively and positively impact your business! VoizTrail provides you with a ready Dashboard to read these metrics which voids your need to process raw data – metrics right at your fingertips! Although a textual metric, remember this: “What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker

    It'd be significant to note that VoizTrail provides you with “Know your Agent” and “Know your Group” screens which saves much effort in obtaining these metrics. While most may inadvertently use metrics and KPIs interchangeably, we want you to understand that metrics and KPIs are two different things and the latter is what helps in decision making. Read on to know how.

KPIs - Crunching Numbers
Call Auditing Services

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and works precisely as the name suggests. While metrics are measurements in the form of a substantial numeric value, KPIs tell you if your metrics “indicate” that your performance is as expected or forecasted. What KPIs govern your business? Well that’s a question that majorly depends on your perspective of good performance. Keep in mind that KPIs are best measured at Enterprise level. Let’s consider the above stated metrics and deduce what relative KPIs they aid in:

  • Average Call Handling Time
  • Many collection agencies would agree that unlike other call centers, this particular metric rather not be on the lower side as the general observation is that a better rapport between the agent and the consumer tends to increase the conversion probability. Simultaneously this metric cannot be too high as that’d mean poor agent productivity on a larger scale of observation. Your KPI needs to evaluate whether this metric lies in the green zone, whether you’ve outperformed last year’s metric and possibly a trend or a forecast.

  • Audit Score
  • We all agree that this metric needs to be an upward graph YoY. A KPI in this regard will have to graphically indicate a comparison of previous and current compound Audit Scores. This comparison can be equipped with a few ad-hoc filters for choosing time period etc. You can up the ante by creating a what-if analysis!

  • Agent Call Etiquette
  • When turned into a KPI, this metric will vociferously aid a "Best Practices Plan". You can create KPIs at Call Center level or Supervisor level to delve deeper into the benefits of Call Auditing. A good idea would be to put an "Alerter" (a threshold limit of Risk Acceptance) on a previously identified negative impact to keep it under control.

    KPIs will draw out your metrics at an enterprise level and are more like scorecards indicating where you outperformed or are lagging behind. Like Paul Vincent, CTO of Business Rules and CEP at TIBCO Software puts it; “KPI is whether a metric is changing over time, at what rate and in what direction!”

The Last Word

We hope we were able to provide you with a vantage point on Call Auditing. Data matters, however granular it may be - the onus rests on the analyst to create insights. Call Auditing is a powerful beginning to achieving your business goals and VoizTrail simplifies it for you. Stay informed about data, coherently create metrics and employ the right KPIs.

You can reach out to us at KG Hawes for more such expertise and information on our Call Recording and Auditing Software – VoizTrail.

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