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Audit and Quality Monitoring
Audit and Quality Monitoring

Call Auditing allows you to keep a check on the quality of the conversations held by your agents. Surveys indicate that more than 80% your customer’s attitude towards your brand is a conscious reaction to the conversation quality your agent has put forth. So your agents are not only your costliest resource, they represent your image and they heavily influence your market outlook. This is the primary reason that Audit and Quality Monitoring exist in the Call Center industry. The last thing you want is for your clientele to turn to your competitors.

VoizTrail is a top-notch Call Auditing solution, which has repeatedly been applauded by users for its simple usability and powerful features. The ability to playback a call online eliminating the need for downloads, is a unique feature aboard VoizTrail that puts you in control of Audit rather than the IT middleman. You can playback a call from virtually any screen; whether you’re searching for a set of calls using Visual Indicators, or drilling in to the Dashboard data, you can listen to calls at whim and Audit them on-the-fly.

Quality monitoring is more of a random procedure compared to Compliance – which keeps your agents on their toes. At VoizTrail we understand that you must be in control of when to audit. This is why VoizTrail provides complete flexibility and puts the Call Auditor in charge of the process.

VoizTrail structures your Quality Monitoring efforts by equipping the user with a simple and easy-to-use standardized interface which allows you to use a customizable handy checklist to audit. You can also leave audit notes on the recording to aid in future reference and quick access.

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