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It Takes Just 24 Hours To Stay Compliant

At VoizTrail we’re habitually brainstorming industry best practices and better yet – turning them into reality. Call Auditing as a Service is precisely that; our attempt at helping you realize the oblivious target of a compliant call center. With a simple follow-the-sun principle, we ensure VoizTrail customers have the shortest time lag between recorded calls and audited calls.

Goodbye Menial, Hello Voiztrail

A fair amount of thought process culminates as an incredible idea – Call Auditing as a Service exclusively for VoizTrail customers. This 3-step strategy will put you miles ahead in your compliance process:

Your Record Calls

Prepare a batch of recorded calls for us to Audit

We Audit them

Guaranteed 24 hr turnaround

We use VoizTrail's stupendous Auditing System

Expert Call Auditors at your disposal

You Stay Compliant

Within 24hrs you go from being a Call Center to a Compliant Call Center!

This value added service from VoizTrail is applicable to legacy recordings as well as ongoing call recordings. In an ongoing process scenario, at the end of the day when a ready batch of recorded calls are available, our seasoned Call Auditors – VIRTUAL AUDITORS get to work breaking them down and scrutinizing each call using the VoizTrail compliance checklist defined by you – this essentially means that you can set your compliance standards with complete flexibility to incorporate your unique business process.

Feel inclined to test drive us? Let's know for a prompt call back from our executives.. Feel free to Contact Us for further details on VoizTrail and this exclusive offering to our VoizTrail customers.

Why Outsource? Benefits In A Nutshell
Here’s why most of our clients are compelled to outsource Call Auditing with us:

May the force be with you

- With dedicated adroit Virtual Call Auditors at our disposal, we hold the capacity to deliver a whopping 500 audited calls every hour! Now that’s a workforce to reckon with. We have plans as well as adequate resources to inflate this number in the near future.

Experienced Auditors

– With us, you’ll have access to nothing but the best talent in the industry. Expert auditors with years of experience up their sleeves use tailor-made VoizTrail to audit your calls using the very compliance checklist you define – hence giving you complete control over your unique business process.


- This simple principle works best when outsourcing. You guessed it, we have the ultimate time-zone advantage when working in tandem with US market. The handing-off becomes seamless when outsourcing with us and the time-zone difference allows us to dexterously keep up our commitment of a dream-come-true 24 hrs turnaround time.

Stay ahead of the pack

- Outsourcing call auditing is a definite way to eliminate business process clutter. Although call auditing is an imperative component, most of us would agree that it isn’t among the core business processes. All the more reason to let it happen efficiently in the background while you surge ahead concentrating on more important processes rather than depending on a slapdash auditing strategy. What’s more - now you can free up your precious manpower for more important work.

Allow us to give you a call so you’ll get a firsthand experience of how to get around compliance the easy way. At VoizTrail we believe that Call Auditing should be easy and this is just one of the ways we show commitment to our cause. Persistently bringing the best to the industry, we strive to help our customers embark on the easy way to staying compliant.

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