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Benefits on using VoizTrail Call Auditing and Recording Software
  • Call Auditing made EASY – With dedicated features that facilitate simplified and speedy Call Auditing
  • SEARCH calls easily- by Duration, Agent and Extensio; anytime without any help from engineers
  • PLAYBACK archived recordings anytime without downloading; from virtually any screen
  • DOWNLOAD the recorded calls as WAV/MP3 format files
  • CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS to improve business operation
  • Record ALL the calls or RANDOMLY – choose what data and how much data you wish to record
  • ENCRYPT all archived audio files – introducing authentication based archive retrieval.
  • Dashboard that is CUSTOMIZABLE and COMPREHENSIVE – Visually appealing statistics for a bird’s eye perspective of business
  • Ensuring all regulatory standards to STAY COMPLIANT – exclusive Call Auditing Service with VoizTrail
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