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VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution for Government
Call Recording Solution Government

Government agencies usually operate under strict rules and regulations. Personnel working in government agencies interact and communicate with the public for a variety of sensitive reasons, which is why these conversations should be recorded for future references. Considering that all recorded calls in a government call center are of highly confidential in nature, it is imperative to have an in-house software solution that can analyze, audit, and record call, and securely store call recording data.

Speech Analytics has already proved its capability in many government organizations across the globe. VoizTrail Speech Analytics solution is an intuitive, responsive, and scalable voice interaction management system that helps government entities to effectively manage and improve their communication practices. VoizTrail transforms Call Analyzing nto a smooth and structured process, making VoizTrail the most preferred solution for call monitoring and recording. Offline and online sharing of the recordings ease the auditing effort, and come coupled with sufficient security measures using robust encryption. VoizTrail demonstrates operational streamlining and sets itself apart as a superior speech analytics solution.

Benefits of Voiztrail in the government Sector
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Easy retrieval of information with playback capability Automated process that increases efficiency and ensures regulatory compliances
  • Improved customer satisfaction and reduced time solving problems
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