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VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution for Health care
Call Recording Healthcare

The rapidly evolving Healthcare Industry is now, more than ever, dependent on recording, analyzing and auditing all calls from the time the patient makes an appointment to the time the appointment is completed. Strictly governed by HIPAA and HITECH, the healthcare vertical has call center agents who also specialize in selling medical insurance. Considering this unusual business scenario, it is vital to establish rigorous and comprehensive Call Auditing practices. The answer is VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution.

Speech analytics is a well-suited technology to meet the growing needs for healthcare providers to monitor and analyze calls in terms of regulatory compliance, security and quality. VoizTrail Speech analytics enables healthcare personnel to review any specific recorded conversation to furnish their reports using its inbuilt Call Recorder functionality. Hospital staff and management can access important information by using specific key words or phrases within a speech analytic solution, which can be customized for each individual customer. This technology helps to deduce incorrect or false claims made by patients when medical care or advice is provided, thereby improving compliance and agent training. Our speech analytics solution helps healthcare providers trace back calls to analyze miscommunications and process issues using built-in key words or phrases.

The calls are stored securely and can be recalled for reference at any time, which minimizes errors and improves the business process. With VoizTrail, locating, retrieving and securely sharing recorded calls are tasks made easy, while reducing the time taken to resolve disputes. Hospital representatives cannot be expected to remember every detail of a call a call with customers, as they address multiple issues with many calls, daily. Speech analytics helps these organizations to analyze patterns for the problem and identify the important ones. The recordings can also be produced as key evidence to attorneys when legal issue arises. Sharing recordings with employees can train them how to handle specific requests or issues from patients and other healthcare providers.

Benefits of using Voiztrail for healthcare industry:
  • Reduced Liability through regulatory compliance On-the-spot tagging, rating, and feedback – Call Auditing made simple and efficient.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard of rich reports
  • Custom reports to aid in everyday decision making, improve business process, and elevate agent training standards
  • Uncompromised security of recorded data in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH
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