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VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution for Legal services:
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Attorney Answering Services. Virtual Receptionist. Legal Appointment Scheduling. Legal Intake Service.
Legal firms today have a wide array of requirements. Information received or provided on any of these calls need to be kept confidential and easily accessible. Recording these calls is just the beginning. The broader picture is to ensure that the calls are securely stored and accessed only by authorized personnel.

VoizTrail is a reliable one-stop software solution for all your call analysis and call auditing needs. Our speech analytics solution monitors the agent’s interaction with the clients, and can be customized to evaluate calls based on the law firm’s code of conducts. VoizTrail provides vital insights into the voice of the customer that you can use to improve your processes and react quickly to the changing market conditions. The user can program key legal terms to easily process and categorize incoming calls. It automatically scores and analyzes 100% of calls made, resulting in improved agent compliance and reduced risk of fines and lawsuits associated with non-compliance.

In addition, phone conversations can be securely shared with your staff or clients. VoizTrail’s easy-to-use, responsive interface makes it easy to search, listen to, and share the desired recording. You can also capture additional information regarding agent performance, call quality, and regulatory compliance of every call using simple, straightforward and intelligent screens on the VoizTrail Solution. Accessing real-time audit notes, flags, and feedback while listening to a call makes call auditing an efficient and accurate process.

Business benefits to legal service providers offered by VoizTrail:
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive auditing interface
  • Surplus dashboard enabling summaries and drill-down capability Ability to audit calls at whim
  • Documented verbal agreements, eliminating errors and disputes caused by miscommunication
  • Foresee agent performance and business impacts
  • Advanced yet candid search options to suit the all types of users, from novices to experts
  • Electronic record of telephone calls to ensure compliance and auditing processes
  • Ability to handle disputes related to phone conversations. Call Auditing helps you identify such conversations and clients early.
  • Encrypted call downloads ensure secure transmission of data
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