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VoizTrail Speech Analytics solution for Telecom

The Telecommunication industry players are among the first to gear up with the latest technological advancements in order to compete with similar service providers. Having a vast and rapidly expanding customer base, telecomm providers are considered the largest and fastest growing customer service call centers. To stand out against competition and effectively edge out rivals, you need to master the very pulse of this industry – quality of customer interaction

Consider this:
1. Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars and countless customers solely as a result of poor customer service.
2. The active social media landscape can be an angel and a devil at the same time – 1 in 3 disgruntled consumers resort to publishing unsatisfactory experiences online while 1 in 6 happy consumers might praise you online.

Analytics solutions helps in improving agent response quality. VoizTrail, a comprehensive Speech Analytics Solution, can help you achieve the coveted pedestal of being the market’s leading service provider. Call auditing using VoizTrail’s handy set of easy-to-use features helps you isolate useful metrics corresponding to agents’ productivity and service quality. Further, it helps you in using these call recordings for training new and existing employees to boost the level of service your company provides.

Using VoizTrail Speech Analytics solution, agents can decrypt the recorded call into digital format so that the customer- agent conversation can be analyzed using emotion detection technologies, as well as the ability to recognize the accents, dialects and slangs that can reveal important insights.

Benefits delivered to the telecommunication services:
  • Complete call auditing solution to help you analyze, audit and train agents
  • Visualization of key words (Color coded word or patterns)
  • Reduction of bill relation issues
  • Ability to identify underperforming agents/employees and improve business processes and compliance standards
  • First call resolution and minimized average handling time
  • Reduced disputes as a result of miscommunication
  • Improved sales and customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality assurance and reduced occurrence of missing information, broken links, errors, disruptions etc
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