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VoizTrail speech Analytics for Transportation and Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics Industry plays a critical role in our daily lives. This industry depends on the calls they receive for transit requirements and other related requests. Handling these calls and providing timely service is a crucial element of running the business successfully.

VoizTrail is a Speech Analytic Solution that features a built-in Call Recorder to assist in recording the calls for auditing and training new hires to deliver expert phone support and service in a timely manner. Regarded as a highly efficient voice management solution, VoizTrail equips the Transportation and Logistics Call Center with the ability to support a constant and smooth running business. All calls can be recorded and played back for audit, reference, and training purpose.

VoizTrail provides important analysis to transport and logistics businesses, by delivering call recordings of exceptional quality. Whether you transport people or cargo, VoizTrail is an easy and affordable solution to deliver the best in quality customer service.

Benefits of using VoizTrail call auditing and recording solutions
  • Improved and expanded business by the quality of service delivered
  • Prompt responses to customer requests and new hire training inquiries
  • Increased customer satisfaction and references
  • Reduced cost towards voice interaction management
  • Disputes related to phone inquiries easily handled
  • Increased performance standards and SLAs
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