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VoizTrail Call Auditing and Recording Software


VoizTrail is a specialized and customizable Call Auditing and Recording SaaS (Software as a Service) which can potentially propel your Call Centre miles ahead of your competitors. Packed with sophisticated next gen features and backed by robust hardware, VoizTrail is the ideal Call Auditing and Recording Solution for your Call Centre.

What is the biggest challenge faced by your Call Centre?

Whatever vertical you serve and no matter how big or small your enterprise is or in turn, your expenses are; your Return on Investment (ROI) is governed by the following challenges:

1. Agent Productivity:

Without a thread of doubt, your agents are the costliest resource on-board. Their Average Call Handling Time, Number of Inbound/Outbound Calls per day, Audit Score etc. are some of the metrics that steer your everyday decisions.

2. Compliance:

Compliance is like a cornerstone you can’t do without. A good Call Centre has great ROI, but a great Call Centre is the one which generates great ROI and simultaneously mitigates litigation. Regular, standardized and planned Call Auditing is your sure shot bet for staying Compliant.

3. Software Solution:

Both the above components are majorly reliant on the software solution you choose. If you slump on this decision, then the rest of the cogs stop moving. That’s why we recommend VoizTrail Call Auditing and Recording Solution. With dedicated screens for analysing Agent/Group Productivity we provide you with a bird’s eye perspective of your agents. Our Call Auditing Outsourcing Service crafted exclusively for VoizTrail customers ensures that they stay compliant in a planned and regulated manner with minimal effort – in short, we’re the trailblazers of the Call Centre Industry.

Why VoizTrail?

Agent Productivity and Compliance are functional standards that every Call Centre has to live up to in order to survive and more importantly; grow. The right software solution is what it takes for all the cogs to get moving in a positive direction and that’s why, customers repeatedly choose VoizTrail over others. VoizTrail is built using the latest Yii technology making it super reliable and extremely user-friendly. It is compatible with both (VoIP, Session Initiation Protocol) and TDM (PRI/T1, Time Division Multiplexing).

VoizTrail is a scalable, intuitive and highly responsive voice management system that simplifies Call Auditing using some élite features such as Audit Checklists, Audit Notes and Auto Audit functionality. It is easy to install and comes coupled with some unsurpassable tech support and customer service. Designed to securely sit within your infrastructure, VoizTrail gives you complete control over your data.

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