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Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Whatever the vertical a call center serves, Compliance is the essential backbone - from keeping customer data secure, to keeping conversations confidential and furthermore in improving business processes and policies. VoizTrail is a reliableand comprehensive Call Auditing system which converts your Call Auditing initiative into an effortless and planned journey.

Call Centers deal with your customers and your agents are invariably the face (or voice) of your business. Governed by vertical specific federal acts such as PCI DSS, CFPB, HIPAA etc. your agents not only need extensive training but also instrumental use-cases. VoizTrail is an impressive all-inclusive software solution that allows Call Recording, Call Auditing and Data Analytics all under one roof. What’s more – VoizTrail gives you complete control over your recorded data and other metrics generated so that you can implement it with profound cognizance of your unique business process and keep it safe within your infrastructure.

VoizTrail also offers a tremendously popular Call Auditing Outsourcing service exclusively for its customers in order to propel their agent productivity. By outsourcing Call Auditing to us, our customers have realized an entirely new bandwidth of concentrating on their core processes while our experienced and dedicated call auditors do the work. We use their very own customized versions of VoizTrail thereby eliminating the handing-off gap and providing better outputs. Contact us now to know more of this covetable offering.

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