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Speech Analytics
Speech Analytics

Audited Call Analytics – Take Your Auditing Process to the Next Level

Audited Call Analytics pairs speech recognition technology with expert auditors to make your call center more efficient, more compliant, and more cost effective.

Faster Call Auditing

Audited Call Analytics scans speech for keywords that you select. When these keywords are found, calls are routed to auditors. Within 24-48 hours, a detailed scorecard is provided.

Better Agent Training

Identify and stop problems before they escalate. Provide call agents with feedback to ensure better service.

Stay Fully Compliant

Call information stays securely redacted and encrypted within the VoizTrail system and is audited by fully trained and certified personnel.

Flexible, Scalable, and Budget-Friendly

Only pay for the services you actually use.

Speech Analytics

Audited Call Analytics – A Single Auditing and Analytics Solution for Call Centers

Call centers face a multitude of demands in today’s competitive market. They are under ever-greater pressure to move faster and produce better results while staying within tight budgets. Audited Call Analytics uses modern technology to help them meet these challenges.

Audited Call Analytics is a single integrated application that works within a call management system. It eliminates the guesswork of trying to integrate a standalone speech analytics program – as well as the unnecessary expense of volume-based payments.

Here’s how it works:

  • Calls are recorded as the client has specified. For example, clients can have all calls recorded, all incoming calls, or just those handled by certain agents (e.g. new recruits, dispute calls, etc.)
  • Agents’ and callers’ speech is analyzed for user-defined keywords. Keyword libraries can be built by each client and customized exactly for their industry needs.
  • If a keyword (or keywords) used in the conversation matches an entry in the dictionary, the call is flagged and a basic risk-assessment scorecard is generated.
  • The scorecard and call information is sent to a certified call auditor, who promptly reviews the conversation
  • Within 24-48 hours of the original transaction, the call auditor prepares a detailed scorecard and sends it to the appropriate supervisor or manager.

Speech Analytics

Previously, it could take weeks for such calls to complete this auditing process. With Audited Call Analytics, this can be done in a fraction of the time. The faster scorecard generation gives managers the opportunity to train staff efficiently. It allows them to take steps to remedy problems quickly, before they spiral out of control. And by keeping everything within the same system, security and compliance requirements are met.

Audited Call Analytics is also highly cost effective. It’s flexible and scalable, growing and changing with your company as needed. And unlike auditing services that are based on overall call volume, Audited Call Analytics is based on only the calls that are audited. So you’re saving money in two ways – you’re not paying for an additional standalone speech analytics program, and you’re not paying for unused call audits.

Audited Call Analytics – a single solution that takes your call center to the next level!

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